Learn about Colorado Drivers License Requirements

To receive your Colorado drivers license you will need proof of age, residency, and proof of identity. They go into great detail on what is required but your birth certificate, social security card and several photo ID forms should suffice. Fees vary and for a learners permit in Colorado it will cost you $10.60 and for a drivers license you will pay them:

$15.60, adults age 21 and older, valid for five years.
$15.60, minors age 16 to 21, valid until 20 days after their 21st birthday.
$25.60, minors age 16 to 21, completing a Colorado instruction permit to a license.  Valid until 20 days after their 21st birthday.

Please note that payment must be made with cash, personal check or money orders in the exact amount. They do not have change.

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