Learn about Utah Drivers License Requirements

To receive your Utah drivers license you must complete several requirements. Below are the steps retrieved from the Utah Drivers Licensing division.

1. Completion of driver training and completion of additional driving requirement, or have a clear license from another state or country.
2. Assumption of financial responsibility.
3. Furnish positive identification.
4. Furnish proof of Social Security Number or ITIN Number
Utah law requires proof of a valid social security number to obtain a driver license or ID card. Utah law erquires proof of an Individual Tax Identification Numver (ITIN) to obtain a driving privilege card. For security reasons, the division will ask to see the social security card (or ITIN if applicable) for the first driver license, ID card or driving privilege card application.
5. Payment of applicable fees.
6. Furnish proof of Utah residence.
7. Completion of medical questionnaire and vision test.
8. Completion of required written/skills tests.
9. A photo.

Visit the Utah Drivers License site for more information.

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