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By Compuquotes Team on March 27th, 2008
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I won't lecture you on the effects of drinking and driving but if you find yourself in jail due to a driving under the influence charge you should probably know what will happen to your insurance.

SR 22 Auto Insurance

If convicted of a DUI or DWI the first the court will likely order you to do is to file an SR22 form. An SR 22 form is basically a high-risk form that shows proof of insurance to the DMV. DUI's and DWI's will likely raise your car insurance premiums. If rates go so high as the insurer is unable to cover the costs then the insurance policy lapses and the Insurance Company then has the duty to inform the DMV that this high-risk driver or SR-22 carrier no longer holds auto insurance. Depending on the State you reside you will likely need to hold onto the SR-22 for 3-5 years. Once this period is up your car insurance premium may go down depending on how well your driving history has been.

Getting a DUI is not a good think but filing an SR-22 is not the end of the world. Your car insurance could go down to the point previous to the DUI conviction.

In most instances you will get your DUI in or close to the county in which you reside. There are cases where people get a DUI far from their residence but the majority happen close to home. Some states may not require you to file an SR-22 therefore if you don't inform the insurance company or the insurance company doesn't immediately find out about the DUI conviction then your rates may never change. My advice is not legal advice but as far as I know it is the Insurance Companies problem if they do not find your DUI conviction and raise your rates. I don't believe there is any past penalties they can assess but they could very easily drop you. You are taking a risk not notifying your Insurance Company about your DUI or DWI conviction as ultimately they could make it difficult for you to purchase insurance if they decide to cancel your policy. All Insurance Companies will ask you if you have had a policy cancelled for any reason within the past year. If you answer yes they will want to know why. Your rates will ultimately reflect the DUI conviction in some way or form so the best solution is to keep a clean and safe driving record prior to the DUI.

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