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By Compuquotes Team on March 27th, 2008

Auto Insurance

It is common knowledge that inexperienced drivers such as teenagers tend to get in more accidents. This results in very expensive auto insurance for young drivers. There are a few things that can help you reduce the high costs of insuring a teenage driver.

It is important to fully inform your teenager of the dangers of reckless driving, and that driving is a privilege that can legally be taken away by you or the government. It is recommended that you save your child and yourself from their reckless driving before it hurts somebody or causes significant damages.

You should also make sure your teenage driver is fully aware that their actions can result in the premiums becoming more expensive. Every ticket and accident results in higher premiums. Many insurance companies offer families a young driver's safety program. Ask your insurance agent to give you any details regarding these programs.

The main reason a teenager will have a high insurance premium is because of the liability aspect that all states require. The type of car you drive or allow your teenager to drive will ultimately affect the cost of you insurance. If you have a station wagon your teenager is less likely to speed and cause a wreck then if you had a new Mustang.

There are many insurance companies that will offer you a discount if the teenage driver completes an approved and recommended safety driving course. Some companies even offer good student discounts. Ask your agent about any young driver discounts that you might qualify for.

You definitely want to shop around when it comes to finding auto insurance for your teenager. The state minimum for liability insurance is not usually adequate when it comes to medical bills and the price of new cars these days. Liability is defiantly something you don't want to skimp out on if you are going to allow your teenage driver to use your vehicle.

The table is different for women. They get cheaper rates then most men, and obviously much cheaper then any teenager could get. The reason behind this is all based on statistics. It is true that men are involved in more auto insurance claims then woman are. This means that statistically women are safer drivers then men. Maybe this is because of the type of auto more women drive compared to the types of autos men drive.

Women may be safer drivers because more women drivers carpool, which makes them more aware of their driving. Also when children are in a vehicle the driver tends to be more cautious. And let's face it, more women drive around children then men.

Maybe it is several different common factors that result in women being statistically safer drivers. Many auto insurance companies will reward those who have gone a long time without having any infractions. It doesn't matter if you are a man, woman, or teenager your driving history will always be a major role in your auto insurance premium.

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