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By Compuquotes Team on March 27th, 2008

Auto Insurance

Not only is it the law, having auto insurance is a much needed safety net in the event of an accident. However this doesn't always provide adequate protection, if you were to choose an insurance company that is unreliable. Maybe they take forever to process your claim, or don't even recognize your claim at all. Believe it or not this happens to shocked policy holders every day.

One of the most important factors when choosing an auto insurance company is to ensure that they are a 100 percent reliable company. The most reliable source for insurance will have a reputation for paying the right claim amounts and doing it as quickly as possible. To easily do this you can log onto the site of your state's department of insurance. This will contain complains of consumers who had filed claims in the past year.

A site that is exceptional in grade rating for customers is the J.D. Power and Associates website. This company accurately collects data from policyholders all over America. They ask the policy holders to grade rate they insurance company in the means of claims, handling, price, satisfaction with the representatives, coverage options, and the overall performance of the insurance company.

These grades are very helpful with it comes to consumers. You can expect to get the same service and claim filing times as the customers who rated the company. However this isn't a guarantee. This also doesn't mean that once your company gets a bad rating that you are going to be gambling. All companies get complaints every once in a while, no one can please everyone. The wisest thing to do is to go with the company with the least amount of complaints, and highest rankings.

You will also need to be familiar with the financial strength of your insurance company of choice. There are companies that publish their financial strength rating at every insurance company in America. An insurance company's financial strength will determine if it has the ability to settle or pay for claims. The higher the company's financial rating, the better the choice.

When choosing an auto insurance policy the price of the premium they are offering to you is of main importance, second to reliability of course. Make sure you fully understand the terms and exclusions fully before signing any paperwork. Remember you are the customer, and the company is trying to get your business. They are in the business of making you as happy as possible.

Also check the number of body shops that are recommended by the insurance company. Take into consideration the distance from your residence to this company. This may seem irrelevant but when you are broke down and need your car to be repaired as soon as possible, distance could be a problem.

You should also check to make sure these body shops have the right equipment and knowledge to repair you vehicle.

Word of mouth is a great source for selecting an auto insurance company. Ask friends, relatives, and co workers if they can recommend any great insurance companies, or tell you about any bad experiences with any insurance companies.

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