Auto Insurance - Get It Cheap?

By Compuquotes Team on March 27th, 2008
Auto Insurance

Everyone wants cheap auto insurance, but think cheaper means less coverage. In reality the auto insurance industry is an extremely competitive market. This leaves consumers with lower costs, along with better product quality and improved customer service in their attempts to get as many customers as possible and keep them happy.

Despite what some may think cheaper auto insurance prices doesn't always mean less coverage. However it is true in some cases. Some people assume the more money they are spending the more coverage they are getting, when they are possibly being charged for unnecessary options. There are those sales agents who are willing to take advantage of these types of careless consumers.

Rather than cheapness, you should look for an auto insurance policy with a great value. You have to pay attention to details and get all the facts in order to be adequately insured if an accident were to occur. On the other hand no one wants to pay more than they have to, so don't be afraid to ask questions and get more than one quote and opinion. Unless you are going with a specific agent that has been referred to you with a long positive history then you should get more than one agent's opinion.

The value of your auto plays a huge role on the price of your insurance policy. It is logical to charge less for a small, inexpensive car to be covered in the event of an accident or theft then a brand new Lexus SUV.

The auto you drive also has another effect on your premium that most people are unaware of. An insurance company is going to charge less for a thirty year old with a 17 year old driving teenager who is driving a mini man then if the parent had a brand new Corvette. It is far more likely the parent or their teen would get in an accident if they were in a fast sports car.

If you don't plan on getting full coverage then you should get on a computer and find out what the minimum amount of insurance is allowed in your state. This will give you a base to begin your coverage and you can pick and choose options that you think are needed.

If you have personal assets that are valued enough to want to protect them against a potential law suit you should consider liability insurance as added protection. This applies if you have a house and cars worth covering. If you don't have any real assets don't waste your money.

Your driving record and personal habits play a huge role in your insurance costs. In the insurance company's eyes if you have a history of speeding, fender benders, or running stop signs and red lights then your chances of an accident due to your negligent driving greatly increases.

To get some quick and accurate quotes you can visit many insurance websites like this one. They often offer free quotes that take five to ten minutes on average to complete, and then offer comparison quotes.

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