Wedded bliss may lead to insurance savings

By Ryan Hurlbert on October 9th, 2010

When you get married, there are a host of issues to deal with. The date. The dress. Where to live. Who's insurance company to go with.

What? Insurance wasn't near the top of your list?


Typically, men pay more for auto insurance

Listen up, men. Single men between 18 and 25 normally pay the highest car insurance premiums, and things don't get a whole lot better for you until you turn 30. Unless you get married. Now, I'm not recommending you run out and get hitched to save a few dollars on your auto insurance, but once you are married don't wait to take advantage of your new lower-cost status.


There are a few things to consider when you are deciding on which of the two car insurance companies you want to do business with, or if you want to dump them both in favor of a new company.


  • Check into what long-term benefits you each may have earned with your current carrier, such as deductible waivers or accident forgiveness. These could be worth a lot in the event of a claim, and you want to consider their value when deciding on an insurer.


  • What multi-policy discounts are available with either a tenant or homeowner policy? You need either a renters or homeowners policy anyway, so shop for that and your auto policy together and see if you can save money.


  • If you each have a car, you may qualify for a multi-car discount. When comparing auto insurance quotes, make sure you collect quotes for all of your vehicles. However, this is not a factor if you are only insuring one vehicle.


You may not have to wait until the wedding day to take care of your car insurance needs. Most companies will allow you to select a policy start date ahead of time, so you can get the shopping done well in advance.


Insurance savings--just one more reason to tie the knot.

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