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  • How to Switch Business Insurance Plans Without a Hassle

    If you're considering changing your business insurance coverage, make sure you don't leave yourself unprotected against liability and loss.

  • The Importance of Business Interruption Insurance

    One of the most vital types of business insurance that you can carry is business interruption insurance, commonly referred to as BII. Business interruption insurance is meant to cover loss of income if damage to your property makes it impossible to carry out your normal business operations. It is not commonly sold separately, but may be a clause that you can add to your business property insurance. Why Consider Business Interruption Insurance?

  • Business Insurance Coverage Terminology

    Unfortunately for most people, insurance is a mere after thought until disaster strikes. Sadly, this is the time when a significant number of business-owners learn about their insurance and the things that are actually covered under their policy. Here are some common insurance terms that may help you understand the proof of insurance and policy documents for your business a little better.

  • Why You Need Business Insurance

    The term 'business insurance' encompasses a variety of products that are needed by various businesses. There isn't generalized business insurance, there isn't generalized any kind of insurance, the type of insurance you need is based on your personal situation, just like with your car or home. You need to provide the insurance agent with information about your business so that they can help you decide what forms of business insurance you need. With that said, every business requires insurance to cover against losses, although those losses can fall into a variety of categories.

  • Pros and Cons of Excess or Umbrella Policies for Small Businesses
    Trying to safeguard your business from unforeseen risks can be a daunting task. Yet, in many instances wading through the various types of insurance can be just as nerve-wrecking. These are the central issues behind excess or umbrella insurance policies. Excess or umbrella policies are in essence the broadest form of insurance protection available. However, there are things that a business owner should consider before purchasing excess coverage.
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