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By Compuquotes Team on March 27th, 2008
Auto Insurance

One of the newest ways to purchase auto insurance is online. There are many insurance companies that are now offering their clients and new clients the ability to purchase insurance coverage online, but how effective is it and is it the same type of insurance you would get if you called a local brokerage?

The answer is yes, it is the same insurance as you get from the brokerage down the street. Insurance is insurance-there are varying levels and types of auto insurance but all in all, the products that company A down the street sells and the products that company B on the Internet sells are the same. The key to purchasing auto insurance online is to know what you want and how to get a good price.

The first step is to find some good, reputable online insurance brokers and request quotes from them. Quotes are offered to potential clients free of charge-you should never pay for an insurance quote. It's important to remember that when you are asking for quotes that you give the same information to all of the insurance companies. You should give the insurance companies the information on your vehicles, and give them all the same information. For example, a red Ford Explorer with 40,000 miles on it that you use for business commuting, 40 miles a day, that you live in Topeka, Kansas and have one speeding ticket and one collision in the last three years. You will also want to tell the insurance company what type of insurance you want-liability, property damage, glass coverage and collision, for example. This information shared across the board when you are requesting quotes for insurance will ensure that you are getting an apples to apples comparison in pricing so that you can accurately make a decision on which insurance is the best for you.

When you get the quotes from the insurance companies, be sure to read all of the information that the insurance company has provided to you and ensuring that you are taking special care to look at the insurance you will be receiving, the levels of insurance that they have offered you and the deductible on that coverage. A deductible is the price that you will pay if you have an insurance claim, and the deductible level will also impact the cost of the insurance-the higher the deductible, the lower the rate however the more you will have to pay if you are in a collision and need to make a claim.

If you have true ´┐Żapples to apples' comparison quotes, you can easily tell which insurance company can give you the better deal. Some online insurance brokerages offer better deals than the brokerages in your home town, simply because they have a bigger audience to vie for business. The insurance industry has turned its eye to the Internet, just as many other businesses and companies have. There's a lot of competition on the Internet, much more than there is in your town, so the online companies may offer better rates in some cases.

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