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By Compuquotes Team on March 27th, 2008

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It seems there are many disadvantages to aging, and one of the things that becomes more difficult the older you get, is finding affordable auto insurance. If you are a senior, it's particularly important to shop around and compare rates. The internet has made it a lot quicker and easier to compare rates - or if you prefer, you can pick up the phone and call around.

Most car insurance companies offer discounts for what they call mature drivers. In fact, if you have reached the age of 50, you may be eligible for a discount - typically this is between 5 and 10%. With some companies, the age at which they consider you to be a mature driver is 55. The reason is that insurance companies consider a senior will be on the road less - and therefore have fewer accidents.

If you are opening a new account or changing insurance companies, the provider will normally ask your age and offer any discount applicable. And if you have had the same car insurance company for many years and have reached that age - it doesn't hurt to ask your insurance company for any discount. Companies sometimes don't volunteer that information - they wait for you to ask.

Whereas in your fifties, it's generally easy to get a discount, drivers who have reached the age of seventy might find it harder. In general, drivers aged 75 and over have one of the highest fatal rates of auto accidents during the day. And many seniors find it difficult to drive safely at night - many seniors avoid it - due to fading eyesight and a decrease in reaction time.

Seniors can also choose their vehicle carefully, to minimize the risk of an accident. Some cars offer rear view mirrors that automatically dim and filter out the glare from headlights. Air bags have become more advanced - some air bags now deploy based on the weight of the occupant, thus reducing the chances of an air bag injury. And consider buying a car that offers side air bags as well.

And don't forget any other discounts that you may be eligible for. In addition to a senior discount, you may be eligible for a multi-car discount - or a discount if you are driving an older model car. And of course, if you have had a clean driving record for many years - regardless of age - your rates may be lower. Drivers who have taken a safe driving class sometimes enjoy a discount.

Many seniors are enjoying retirement and just don't drive as much as they used to. You may be able to get a discount for low annual mileage. And if you are a senior that's still working, you may be able to save on gas costs as well as auto insurance by using your employer's car pool.

The good news is that nobody can be denied car insurance due to their age. It's worth taking the time and trouble to shop around.

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