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By Compuquotes Team on March 27th, 2008
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Keeping your car and car contents thief-proof

There are dozens if not hundreds of different theft deterrent products that help keep your car and items safe but do you need them? Every year the police release statistics relating to stolen automobiles. Every year is similar in that the most commonly stolen car is a Honda or alike sedan and the doors are usually unlocked which makes stealing the automobile extremely easy. The reason why the most common stolen car is a Honda or sedan type of vehicle is because of the volume of cars on the road in comparison to other makes or models. There are a ton of Hondas and sedans and more times than other this is a vehicle that would mix in with other vehicles or would be difficult to spot mixed in with other vehicles on the road. These cars are easy to modify and sell on the black market as a car such as a Ferrari is easier to trace and identify.

You may be saying, who cares if my car gets stolen as my car insurance will pay for a new car. The problem with this mentality is that most people don't realize that when insurance companies pay out or pay claims insurance rates or premiums go up. If there were very few stolen vehicles and car accidents car insurance would be extremely affordable. Similar in nature to why your car insurance rate rises when you get a ticket. Statistically, those with tickets are more likely to be involved in a car accident which results in a claim where the insurance company pays for repairs. So obviously as a population we should do what we can to limit stolen vehicles to keep our car insurance rates lower. I like saving money and I'm pretty sure everyone else does as well so consider applying a few easy rules to decrease the likelihood your car or car contents will be stolen.

So you want your car theft proof. There are a few easy rules you can abide to decrease the likelihood that your car will get stolen. The first and most important rule is to always lock your doors. Lock your doors every time you get out of the car including at your residence. Lock your doors even in your drive way. Most cars are equipped with remote lock key chains so locking your doors is easy no matter where your at. I mentioned above that it's a good idea to lock your car doors even in your driveway. Believe it or not, there are a ton of vehicles that are stolen out of the owners driveway. Thieves will find another car if your car doors are locked. Think about it, why not find an unlocked car door that can easily be opened without having to cause a lot of commotion or suspicion by breaking a window. So thief's will find a car door that's unlocked if they are in a busy or populated area. The second and easiest way to keep your car from being stolen is to park your car in a place that is less likely to attract a thief. If parking your car in a public area then park it under lights and in plain view of the public. If your at home and have room then park your car in your garage. A garage door is virtually a fortress as a thief would have a hard time entering your garage and stealing your car if the garage door is closed. Lock your doors and park your car in a well lit or protected area to limit the likelihood that thieves would target your car.

There are tons of products that can be purchased to help limit the chances that your car or car contents are safe. An affordable and useful tool is a theft deterrent that attaches itself to your steering wheel which then makes it impossible to steer the car while the tool is in place. A common brand of steering wheel theft deterrent is The Club. Car alarms are another theft deterrent vehicle owners can implement to limit the chances of a insurance claim. There are tons of different car alarm companies and different types. The most common are relay triggered car alarms in which a relay is placed in the jam of the car door. When the relay loses it's signal then the car alarm goes off causing a loud commotion. The other most common type of car alarm is a motion detection unit. This type of car alarm is set to detect motion for a given radius. If the motion detector is interrupted within the radius then the car alarm sounds. Neither relay or motion detection car alarms are 100% thief proof but they do limit the your chances of having a stolen auto or stolen contents.

Remember, each time you have a claim your chances of an increased insurance premium go up.

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