USAA bests Amazon and Trader Joe's for highest trust rating

By Maryalene LaPonsie on August 7th, 2013

Credit unions, Amazon and Trader Joe's all have a reputation for being consumer-friendly and trustworthy businesses. However, in the 2013 Temkin Trust Ratings, an insurance company beat them all. According to a study of 10,000 American consumers, USAA is the most trustworthy company in the nation.

Two insurance companies in the top 25

It is third year for the Temkin Trust Ratings, conducted by the Temkin Research Group. Using feedback from 10,000 consumers, the ratings look at 249 companies across 19 industries.

Two USAA businesses tied for the top spots on the 2013 ratings. The company's insurance business and banking business both had a 79 percent trust score according to Temkin. USAA's credit card business came in at number six with a 70 percent trust score. All three USAA businesses scored at least 20 percentage points above their industry averages. While primarily known for its property-casualty insurance lines, the company sells a number of other policy types including life insurance, long term care insurance and small business insurance.

USAA wasn't the only insurance company to land near the top of the Temkin Trust Ratings. State Farm was number 12 on the list with a 67 percent rating.

Other trustworthy companies

The Temkin study included some of the biggest businesses in the nation including health insurance plans, airline carriers, retailers and grocery stores.

The following are the top ten companies on the list and their trust scores.

  • USAA (insurance): 79 percent
  • USAA (bank): 79 percent
  • Credit unions: 77 percent
  • Publix: 73 percent
  • H.E.B.: 72 percent
  • Amazon: 70 percent
  • USAA (credit card): 70 percent
  • Charles Schwab: 69 percent
  • Sam's Club: 69 percent
  • Trader Joe's 69 percent

While grocery stores and finance-related firms topped the list, the bottom was populated with internet and television providers. Of 20 companies with the lowest trust scores, 7 are television service providers and 6 are internet service providers.

Credit card issuer HSBC gets the dubious distinction of coming in last place in the ratings with a trust score of only 20 percent.

Trust ratings and affordable insurance

The trust ratings only consider customer perceptions regarding brands and do not reflect pricing or other aspects of a business.

While trust can be an important component of making a purchase decision, individuals seeking affordable insurance may also want to compare rates from several companies to ensure they are getting the best deal for their coverage.

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