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By Compuquotes Team on March 27th, 2008

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Ways to Lower your Auto Insurance Premium with Discounts

Save on your Auto Insurance policy by taking advantage of these tips. Now each individual discount may not amount to much but added up they can save you a significant amount on your car insurance. Some of the discounts aren't applicable to everyone but there is at least one or two discounts that are available to everyone.

Multiple Line Discount

Most Insurance companies will give you discounts if you carry more than one insurance policy with them. Thing of it as buying in bulk. Bundling your home insurance or an additional car will get you the multiple line discounts. If you have more than one car it's a good idea to have the same company provide insurance quotes including the multiple car discount because your individual policies may not be as affordable as a different insurance company when quoted individually but combined, including the multiple car discount your overall rate or total premium may be less. Often times Insurance Agents won't ask if you have another car, they will give you the single quote for the one vehicle. Unfortunately you may pass on the quote due to the price but combined with the multi-car discount your rate could be lower than with other companies.

Education and Military
Having a College Degree, a certain grade point average or being in the Military can get you discounted car insurance rates. Most Insurance Companies reward individuals for being in the Military or getting an education. When quoting your car insurance be sure to include your education or Military status as it could lead to significant savings.

Your age effects your auto insurance premiums. I understand this isn't something you can change or manipulate but it's god to know that once you turn a certain age your premiums will go down. When getting an auto insurance quote you may ask what your premium will be when you turn 25 years old. Most times your auto insurance premium will drop when you turn 25 years of age. One perk to getting older is that your premiums will go down. Statistically older people are less likely to speed or drive recklessly.

Marriage Status
If you're married you will likely receive a discount on your auto insurance. Like I mentioned above, statistically they have found that married individuals drive better. If you get married be sure to ask your Insurance Agent about the marriage discount.

Your Car
Your car won't necessarily get you a discount but depending on the year and model your car insurance rates could vary drastically. When purchasing your next car it's a good idea to first have your Insurance Agent quote the available rates. A sporty, expensive car will have higher Insurance premiums than a mini-van. Statistically it costs more to repair or replace a sports car and drivers tend to drive a sports car more aggressively.

Your primary residence can effect your auto insurance premium. Likely the savings you would receive by moving to a different zip code wouldn't justify moving from your dream home but realize that certain locations will effect your car insurance rates. Drive safely, your car insurance rates will get lower if you can show over time your a responsible safe driver.

To reiterate, the best way to receive discounts is to purchase multiple policies with your company. If you have a homeowners insurance or another car insurance with a different provider consider consolidating those policies with one carrier. Your Education and Military status will also provide you with significant discounts and to save on your auto insurance get Married, age faster, buy a minivan and move to the country : )

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