Driving Without Auto Insurance?

By Compuquotes Team on March 27th, 2008
Auto Insurance

When finances are tight, and an expense needs to be eliminated in order to make ends meet, auto insurance is one of the first expenses to be dropped. Dropping your auto insurance is not only a bad idea, but driving without a certain amount of coverage is breaking the law. The following paragraphs will discuss some of the consequences and ramifications associated with driving without auto insurance coverage.

The laws revolving around driving without auto insurance coverage vary from state to state. However, there are laws in place in every state that require all drivers to carry a certain amount of auto insurance on their vehicle. In most states, it is a legal requirement to carry liability insurance, at the very least. This helps to ensure that any damage you may cause with your vehicle will be paid for. Liability auto insurance will not cover the costs of repairing your own car, though.

There are several ways to be caught driving without appropriate auto insurance. These ways can include:

� being involved in an accident
� during a routine traffic stop
� at a police checkpoint stop

If at anytime, you cannot show adequate proof of auto insurance to a police officer, you can be cited for driving without insurance coverage.

As stated above, laws regarding driving without auto insurance may vary from state to state. The same can be said for the penalties associated with the laws. While the penalties vary slightly from state to state, there are some general ramifications that can be expected if you drive without auto insurance. These consequences can include:

� monetary fine
� suspension of drivers license
� impounded vehicle
� jail time
� community service

In the state of Kentucky, first time offenders are slapped with a $500 fine, and you are required to show you have since purchased auto insurance at your court hearing. If you fail to pay your fine, or if you fail to show proof of auto insurance to the judge, you could face up to one year of jail time. In the state of Massachusetts, first time offenders face fines of no less than $500, and no more than $1,000, which can be a little steeper. Also in Massachusetts, you can face a penalty of no more than one year in jail for driving without auto insurance coverage.

These penalties may seem steep, but just imagine if you are at fault in an accident, and you are not covered by auto insurance. In addition to the penalties your state will impose, if you cause an accident without having auto insurance, you will also be financially responsible for any damage or injury that resulted from the accident. If you cannot afford to pay the civil judgment, your wages can be garnished, and your credit report could be affected.

Those who feel as if they cannot afford to auto insurance coverage might want to rethink their position. You cannot afford to live without it! If the legal ramifications associated with driving without auto insurance aren't enough to sway you, just think of how an accident could affect your finances.

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