How to file a Auto Insurance claim

By Compuquotes Team on March 27th, 2008
Auto Insurance

So you need to file an auto insurance claim with your insurance company. Sorry, you're probably having a bad day. Good news, I will explain the most common processes for filing an auto insurance claim. The auto insurance claim can be for any vehicle you have insured in your policy. So your Motorcycle, Truck or Car that is insured will all have similar processes for filing a claim.

Lets first discuss the filing process depending on the type of claim. First of all, if you have been in an accident there are several things you will want to do. Click here to read more about what you do in case of an accident. To be brief, depending on the amount of damage to your vehicle you will want to contact the police and have a formal report written up. This is very important when determining who is at fault. If you're not at fault then you definitely want the Police to complete a report so that you can submit it to your insurance company. So once the Police have finished the report, if your vehicle isn't drivable then you will need to have it towed. Have it towed to a body shop or mechanic shop. If you can drive the car take it home and park it. In both instances, contact your auto insurance agent and let them know you have been in an accident. Your auto insurance agent will notify an adjuster to come look at the car. Depending on the damage the adjuster sees will determine the amount of your claim. Usually, they will want to see the estimate from the body or mechanic shop when figuring the claim. The process is pretty simple, be sure to ask or inquire with your Auto Insurance Agent about rental car reimbursement.

If your vehicle has been vandalized or stolen you will also want to contact the police to conduct a thorough report. Your car insurance company will want to review the report and when filing your claim they will take into consideration the police report. Be sure not to touch anything on the vehicle if you notice that it has been vandalized or has contents stolen from it. The process is similar, contact your auto insurance agent and ask them to start the claim process. Some auto insurance companies may have automated or dedicated lines for filing an auto insurance claim. Either way, if you have questions or are not comfortable with the process then be sure to ask plenty of questions.

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