Government/State-funded Health Insurance Options?

By Compuquotes Team on March 27th, 2008
Health Insurance

Being healthy is important to just about everyone, but not everyone can afford to pay for regular medical care. Medicaid, or government funded insurance, makes it possible for may people to get the health care they need so they can not only get healthy, but stay healthy, as well. The following paragraphs will discuss Medicaid health insurance, as well as who is eligible and how to apply for it.

Medicaid health insurance is a program administered by state, each individual state setting it's own rules and guidelines when it applies to eligibility and services. However, this government funded health insurance is only available to certain low income individuals or families who fit into a certain eligibility group who is recognized not only by state law, but federal law, as well. Medicaid health insurance sends payments directly to the health care provider who provided the services, as opposed to sending payment to the insured. Some states, depending mostly upon income, will require anyone with Medicaid health insurance to make a co-payment, or a mall portion of the cost, for medical services or prescribed medications.

There are several groups of people who may be eligible for Medicaid health insurance, which is government funded health insurance. There are many factors taken into consideration to determine eligibility. These factors can include:

your age
any disability you may have
income or any resources
your citizenship

Other factors are often taken into consideration to determine eligibility can include being pregnant or having children.

Any child may be eligible for Medicaid health insurance. If the child is a U.S. citizen, even if you are not the custodial parent, they may be eligible for Medicaid health insurance. Eligibility for children are based on the status of the children, not the status of the parents. Even if the child does not biologically belong to you, only lives in you home, they may also be eligible for Medicaid health insurance.

If your income is low, and you match an eligibility group, you should apply for Medicaid health insurance. In order to do so, you will need to fill out an application and have it evaluated by a qualified caseworker in your local human services building.

Although Medicaid may be available for people meeting a certain criteria, it is not always approve health insurance coverage for all poor people. Low income is only one of the eligibility requirements that are assessed when applications are evaluated. You must meet all eligibility requirements in order to qualify for Medicaid health insurance.

The first step in applying for Medicaid health insurance is to visit your local human services building. There you will be able to fill out an application packet, as well as have your case evaluated sometimes that very same day. If you are found eligible, any unpaid medical bills for the prior three months will be covered. This is in addition to any future medical expenses.

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