Health Insurance - Coverage When You Need It

By Compuquotes Team on July 11th, 2008
Health Insurance

There is a large segment of the population that is without health insurance. Many of them are stuck between earning more money than is allowed for lower income state sponsored health insurance plans and employer health insurance plans whose costs are higher than they can afford.

With the costs of health care on the rise, many of those who don't have health insurance can't afford regular doctors visits and health checkups. People who do not have health insurance may not get the same level of care that insured people do when they do seek treatment either. There are laws that prevent hospitals and doctors from denying treatment to those without an ability to pay, but those laws don't always guarantee that your case will be placed at the top of the medical facilities treatment list when you need to be treated for an illness or injury.

National studies have shown that many uninsured people are not as healthy as their insured counterparts are. This is because people who don't have health insurance often cannot afford to go the doctor when they need to. This means they and their families are forced to suffer through illnesses that those who can afford health care get treatment for. Not receiving regular health care and untreated illnesses affects health by deteriorating the immune system, making the body less able to function normally and fight off illnesses. Dental conditions and vision difficulties become worse when you cannot afford to go the dentists or see an optometrist and buy needed eyeglasses for yourself or your children.

Children who do not receive regular medical care can suffer not only from physical health problems, but also from speech, learning, and social issues. Parents that don't have health insurance for themselves and their children often cannot afford to take children to doctors except in the case of an emergency. This is not a position that any caring parent wants to be in. It is so hard to make ends meet today in raising a family. A serious illness of a family member could put a major strain on families that are already being hit hard by rising costs in other areas.

You and your family have an alternative when you make too much income to qualify for state sponsored health care plans and your employer's health insurance plan is just too expensive to be an option for you and your family. There are numerous health insurance plans available today that benefit those having them, but they are especially beneficial to those stuck in-the-middle and without health insurance because of it. Health insurance will save you money and give you the assurance of coverage when you need it. Typically you pay a monthly fee to the health insurance provider and this entitles you to savings at the doctor's office. Typically you pay a set amount when visiting the doctor for regular care, which is often cheaper than you would pay without insurance. You may or not have to pay a higher set amount for emergency care, depending upon the health insurance plan you have chosen. But these fees are typically less than you would be asked to pay if you didn't have insurance. Many health insurance plans also offer other savings like discounts on medications your doctor prescribes to you and wellness plan programs.

Learn more about health insurance and its many benefits. Take a closer look at those health insurance plans that offer you savings on the health care services you use most and on prescription medications. Don't continue risking the overall health of you and your family by not receiving regular health care because you couldn't afford it before. There are health insurance plans available for every budget so that everyone can afford health care and enjoy better health.

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