Does Home Insurance Cover Landscaping?

By Compuquotes Team on March 27th, 2008

Homeowners Insurance

A storm destroyed my landscaping, am I covered?

The general answer to this question is no depending on the situation. Usually, your landscaping is not covered by your home insurance (whats covered under your home insurance policy). People are really spending a lot of money on landscaping these days. Trees, pavers, fountains and other features are very expensive. Spending $15,000 to $50,000 is not uncommon these days and instantly you could lose your investment. Consider your landscaping an investment because ultimately it adds to the bottom line of your home. Your homes price includes your landscaping so it is something to take into consideration.

As far as I know, landscaping is covered by your homeowners insurance if it is the result of a storm or fire. Unfortunately, bad soil, bugs or over watering is not something that your home insurance will cover. Assume your home insurance as a policy for major perils which includes everything from your property lines in. A swimming pool could be considered landscaping and yes if the circumstances are right would be covered under your home insurance policy. Similarly as your landscaping isn't covered by bad soil, bugs or over watering your home isn't covered by things such as a dog breaking down a door. Bad example but it's all I could think of.

Your homeowners insurance policy covers major perils. It is in place to help you in case of a claim that was not stoppable and caused a lot of damage. Be sure to take good care of your landscaping and home features. Under cared for landscaping can quickly and easily become the victim of decay and damage.

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