Taking home inventory--time to Know Your Stuff

By Compuquotes Team on October 15th, 2010

Homeowners Insurance

There are some things the experts say you have to do. You have to store your tax records for seven years. You have to floss your teeth. You have to inventory your home contents.

But really, who does all that?

Fortunately for you, the Insurance Information Institute (III) is here to help. No, they can't do anything about your stinky breath (you really should floss!), but they can make writing a home inventory into a painless process.

Your homeowners insurance claim simplified

Having a home inventory makes your life easier and the claims adjuster's life easier. Why?

Because a home inventory:

  • Ensures you buy the proper home insurance coverage
  • Helps identify whether home contents insurance is needed for specific valuable items
  • Substantiates claims in the event of a disaster or theft

Sure, you could write your home inventory in a notebook but that could go up in smoke in the event of a fire. Worse, it is a tedious and time-consuming way to record your possessions. You risk missing vital information and if you write in pen, updating your records is a hassle.

Insurance Information Institute to the rescue

The III has spent more than 40 years working to promote insurance information, and they have heard your pleas for a simple home inventory system. The organization invites you to Know Your Stuff with an online software program they developed.

This free resource allows you to easily move from room to room and record all your prized possessions. Because the system allows for online storage, there is no need to worry about your inventory being a casualty in a natural disaster.

If you are ready to Know Your Stuff, visit the home inventory website set-up by the III. It takes just a few minutes to register and begin your inventory. In addition, you will be able to:

  • Upload photos and receipt scans
  • Download reports
  • Reconfigure your inventory to display by room or item
  • Create maintenance alerts for items such as appliances

After you're done, use your inventory to review your home insurance policy to make sure your coverage is correct. You might just find that you feel so good about getting stuff done that you end up flossing your teeth too.

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