Top 10 Tips when buying insurance - health, life, auto and homeowners

By Compuquotes Team on March 26th, 2008

1. Buy life insurance when your young and healthy.

2. Smoking will dramatically raise prices of your life and health insurance premiums.

3. Buy Return of Premium instead of regular term life insurance. (You get all your premium back once the term is done.)

4. Don't let your health insurance lapse. (You may not be eligible if your health is not the same as it was before)

5. Lock into a health insurance policy when your young. (Getting health insurance when your older is much more difficult)

6. Always go with a large known company. (This is true for all your Insurance needs)

7. Always negotiate your claims, especially with auto insurance. (Your auto insurance company will try to give you the least amount they can)

8. Research homeowners insurance prices in the area your considering before you purchase your home. (Some homeowners insurance can be extremely expensive depending on the location. Ocean front property in hurricane spots can run very high premiums).

9. Be sure your Doctor records events accurately. (A misdiagnoses can mean increased health insurance premiums or if your uninsured it can mean uninsurability.)

10. Security alarms, certain siding and roofing materials can dramatically lower homeowners insurance premiums. (Consider these factors when building your dream home.)

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