How to choose the Right Auto Insurance

By Compuquotes Team on September 18th, 2008

Auto Insurance

It is the law that every auto must be insured, and there are plenty of different companies out there, just waiting to insure your car. Choosing the best one for you can be very difficult. What sort of insurance do you need? Is your car brand new? If it is newer, your rates will be higher because the insurer will charge you for replacing the car if you have an accident. Older cars are cheaper to insure, especially if they're paid off, because the replacement cost is much less. What is your driving record like? Lots of tickets will make your rates go higher and so will accidents or a DUI.
Comparing prices is the best way to select an auto insurer. If two companies offer basically the same benefits for the same price, however, the choice can be a little more difficult. If one of the companies has a local office and the other one doesn't, that would be important! Knowing your insurance agent and being able to contact him or her in a hurry is always better than making phone calls and then put on hold after being involved in an accident.
There are so many aspects that go into the final decision of what type of auto insurance you or your family can benefit from. Because every company offers various perks to their customers, weighing the options are important. So, let's address the questions you should ask yourself when choosing the right auto insurance coverage for your vehicle.

The first matter should always be about how new your auto is. The newer models need more coverage as most finance companies require it these days. This is a direct result of thefts, and other statistics that show a vast array of factors including mechanical problems, the development of the area in which the owner resides, the amount of heavy traffic the auto will be involved in while traveling, and other crime elements within the zip code of the owner. Older models are not as likely to be stolen, and they are usually paid off. If there is no finance company involved then the owner alone can make the choice that best suits him or her. Typically in this situation the least coverage possible is chosen and can be as little as ten to twenty dollars a month depending on the driving record of the insured.

The second inquiry a driver should ask themselves is whether or not they have a good driving record. This has a huge bearing on the auto insurance rates they will be given. Having evidence that supports the claim of being 'safe' comes in the form of collected traffic data that includes any tickets, accidents, etc. and even how long you have been legally able to drive will play a part. These two factors will determine if you are considered a high risk driver to the auto insurance company. Obviously a person that is in their teens can not be considered a good driver to an auto insurance company because of the insufficient time they have been allowed to drive. Just the mere fact alone that neither a ticket nor an accident has been provoked does not constitute a good record as time is also a critical aspect.

Other than the points listed here the rest is based upon personal judgment and affordability. Each driver is different and knows their car and driving habits so the final decision regarding auto insurance plans should be based upon individual responsible deductions.

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