How to file a Homeowners Insurance Claim

By Compuquotes Team on March 27th, 2008
Homeowners Insurance

Information on how to file a homeowners insurance claim with your insurance company

For one reason or another you have the unfortunate privilege of filing a homeowners insurance claim. There is no pleasing situation that results in a home insurance claim so most likely you are in for or already have a nice headache. If you have a claim and the resulting claim was caused by an illegal activity or if you're not sure why the claim has taken place you may consider contacting the police. If there definitely was an illegal activity that resulted in the claim then your insurance company will likely want to review a police report. The police report may determine whether or not your claim results in the raising or dropping of your home insurance premium or policy. So once the police have shown to conduct their report now would be a great time to cotnact your homeowners insurance agent and report the claim. Each insurance company is different so likely the process for filing the claim is different for each provider but be sure that you will have a claims adjuster visit your home to assess the claim.

An insurance adjuster will review the area effected by the claim and he/she will want to ensure they only cover costs associated with the claim itself. So if you a fire caused by a lighting bolt be sure to ask he firemen what you should do with regards to shutting off any electricity or water. If a week after the accident your house suddenly floods due to your negligence for not shutting off the water line it is likely you will have a difficult time getting compensated for any damage from the flood.

So now the adjuster is at the scene you will also want to be on the scene to assess the process so be sure to ask your agent or customer service exactly when the adjuster will be on the scene. Adjusters review the damage and put in their recommendation for the claim. If you feel strongly about the specific event or what your insurance company should cover be sure to be stern. Don't settle for what they are offering unless you are pleased with the outcome.

The basic process to filing a homeowners insurance claim is, accident happens, contact the police if needed and contact your insurance company. An adjuster will visit the scene of the accident and review the damage. The insurance company will attempt to settle the claim with you with a payment solution. You either accept the solution or contact your homeowners insurance company to try and resolve any issues. i

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