When should I update my Life Insurance Policy?

By Compuquotes Team on March 26th, 2008

There are many reasons to update an existing Life Insurance Policy. Your life may have changed dramatically since you first purchased your life insurance policy. Contact your life insurance agent if your life has changed in any of the ways we listed below.

Major Purchase:
If you make a major purchase you should contact your life insurance agent to set up a review and possibly update your life insurance policy. There are a couple items we consider major purchases. An automobile, swimming pool or boat is not considered a major purchase and should not be reflected within your life insurance review. A major purchase is a new home, refinancing your home, and a College Education. Purchasing a home or a College Education is a substantial investment and should be covered in your death benefit to ensure your family isn't burdened with the expenses.

Relating to a College Education when you have children you should consider a Life Insurance Policy review to ensure their College Tuitions are covered with your death benefit.

Marriage or Divorce: If you get married or divorced you should contact your life insurance agent to possibly change the policy figures but more likely to change beneficiaries. Your life will change when you get married or divorced so in any case of a life changing event you should contact your life insurance agent.

Other life changing events: Any event that will significantly alter your life like an ill family member, changes to you or your families health or coming into a decent amount of money be it professionally or by inheritance. A rule of thumb could be to consider a life insurance policy review when your life has seen a major change.

If you forsee the change in the near future it is better to act now than to wait so be sure you to contact your agent in a timely manner.

For questions regarding any terms used in this article please refer to our Insurance Terms Dictionary.

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