Determining the Amount and Type of Life Insurance to Purchase

By Compuquotes Team on March 26th, 2008

In this day and age, you are likely to see numerous advertisements, no matter where you go, offering low cost life insurance polices. Some of these advertisements may be perfectly legit, and others may be less useful. The following paragraphs will provide you with information to help you to determine which type, as well as how much life insurance coverage will suit you best.

When you are trying go determine how much life insurance you need to purchase, you should take many factors into consideration. These factors can include:

• your income level prior to death
• amount of income needed for surviving spouse
• burial/funeral expenses
• debt level prior to death

While these factors alone do not determine the amount of life insurance you may need to purchase, this data can help you to come to a reasonable figure. Other factors that can play a role in determining the amount of life insurance you may need to purchase are any income you may receive from sources other than employment, as well as any income producing assets you may own.

When you have specific reasons for purchasing life insurance, such as to be sure all of your debts are covered upon your death or to pay off a mortgage, determining the amount of coverage you need may not be as difficult. Calculating the amount of life insurance coverage you will need may only be a matter of adding up these figures.

Once you are able to determine the amount of life insurance you want to purchase, you need to decide on the best type to suit your individual needs. There are two basic types of life insurance known as term life insurance and permanent life insurance. While term life insurance policies only cover the insured for a set period of time, permanent insurance policies cover the insured for their entire life ... no matter how long they live. While a permanent life insurance policy may be more expensive, term life insurance later and life can be even more expensive. It is important to consider carefully, the duration you wish to be covered under your life insurance policy, before making any final decisions about which type of policy to choose.

If you feel that making these decisions about your life insurance on your own is just too difficult, there are professionals, as well as professional services available to assist you every step of the way in your decision making process. You can locate these service providers by searching the internet, or by calling and requesting the information from some of your local life insurance providers.

Having a life insurance policy is a wonderful way to plan ahead, and to help your surviving family members meet your financial obligations after your death. Without life insurance, the responsibility of paying your debts will likely fall upon the ones that you love most, who are already grieving. The right life insurance policy will help protect them from this, as well as provide them with the same financial security they were accustomed to while you were living.

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