Let e-cards broach the topic of life insurance for you

By Jeanne Lauf Walpole on September 15th, 2010

If you're not sure how to broach the subject of life insurance with a loved one, check out the free e-cards offered by te Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education (LIFE). The cards are designed to open up the all important discussion of life insurance in a personal, but non-threatening way. When received as e-mail, the cards provide a link to the website where recipients can read the card, as well as get basic information about life and disability insurance.

When to send

You can e-mail your personal greetings to commemorate birthdays, retirements, marriages and births of babies, as well as just good wishes in general for the recipients. Most cards are tastefully executed with cheery music and happy photos of real people as they deliver a message about the importance of purchasing a life insurance policy through both audio and print messages. With a pair of adorable newborn baby's feet as background, one card suggests parents "protect your baby's future with life insurance today." Over a romantic photo of honeymooners standing in the surf of a tropical island, another card hints that newlyweds should "think about the important role life insurance plays within your life together as a married couple."

Although most of the cards are appropriately fashioned, I found a few that were corny and even offensive. Using a cartoon format, one card informs the recipient, "your love may last forever, but you won't," followed by a young man being shot dead by Cupid's arrow. Targeting disability insurance, an especially depressing card depicts a hospitalized man completely wrapped in bandages with the message, "luckily disability insurance works when you can't."

Who should receive an e-card

Because some people consider insurance a strictly private matter and might be offended by its inclusion in a personal card, it's important to carefully consider who you can safely send an e-card to. Other people, however, might be more likely to respond positively and be grateful for having the insurance information presented in such a user-friendly way. In any event, the provision for a personal message along with the card allows the sender to explain the choice and manner of greeting.


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