Not Having Auto Insurance can be a Costly Mistake

By Compuquotes Team on April 10th, 2008

Auto Insurance

In most states it is illegal to drive your vehicle without having auto insurance. The amount of coverage that you must have to legally drive your vehicle varies from state to state. Not having auto insurance is a costly mistake that far too many people make, don't be one of them.

In many states you cannot obtain license tags for your vehicle if you cannot provide proof of valid auto insurance at the DMV. Vehicle tags are another requirement in most states to legally operate a vehicle. .

Get pulled over in your vehicle without having auto insurance and you can get a ticket, large fines, and even have your driver's license taken away if you are caught driving without auto insurance. Your vehicle may even also be towed away at your expense when you are found to be without auto insurance by the authorities. Driving without a valid driver's license and valid auto insurance is also an arrestable offense in many states to compound the possible consequences further if you choose to risk it.

States and policing authorities have increased the enforcement of drivers having and being able to show proof of valid auto insurance for several reasons. Uninsured drivers that get into accidents and injure others and themselves cost states lots of money in health care costs each year. Money that states would rather have available for other uses like, roadway upgrades and maintenance and to provide funding for schools and state-run agencies for example. Uninsured drivers also cause states to lose federal funding for some of its programs and this is just not acceptable to most states. Nor should it be. Why should I or other insured drivers, the state, or the government pay for your choice to drive illegally by not having auto insurance?

There are other costly mistakes to not having auto insurance that you should take into consideration if you need but haven't obtained auto insurance yet. Auto insurance offers you a variety of protections that you shouldn't take lightly.

For instance, without auto insurance, if you get into an accident, you not only risk losing the investment you have in your vehicle should it sustain extensive damage, but you open yourself to financial losses through litigations initiated by the other parties involved in the accident. This means that not only the people in another vehicle involved in an accident with your vehicle can sue you for damages to their vehicle and for medical costs and more, but even passengers in your vehicle can seek damage awards against you for injuries sustained and resulting medical costs and pain and suffering. .

Of course you hope you never have to use your auto insurance. But you will be glad that you have the protection of auto insurance if you are pulled over by a police officer, want to get the yearly tags for your vehicle, or are in an accident. Auto insurance can pay the medical costs of those injured in an accident you are involved in, including yourself. The insurance company will pay for repair costs that are above your deductible so that you can have your car fixed. In instances in which your vehicle is totaled, your auto insurance will provide you with the money to purchase another vehicle.

There are a variety of insurance plans available to make them affordable to most drivers. You can reduce the cost of your auto insurance by electing to pay a higher deductible. But with so many affordable auto insurance plans available, you have no excuse for not having auto insurance. Remember that the consequences of not having auto insurance can be devastating. Avoid the costly mistake of not having auto insurance and choose to protect yourself and your assets instead by getting auto insurance today.

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