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By Compuquotes Team on May 21st, 2008

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More than 46 states require drivers to have personal injury protection auto insurance. Be prepared to pay heavy fines and risk having your automobile license plates cancelled if you live in a state that requires PIP insurance, and you are caught driving without it.

PIP auto insurance is the basics of protection for drivers and it should be considered a "must have" even for those drivers living in states not requiring it. Most people prefer having the fuller protection of more comprehensive auto insurance that also include personal liability protection coverage. But a basic PIP auto insurance policy is an affordable option for those who cannot afford more comprehensive auto insurance that at least does offer them some protection.

What does personal injury protection auto insurance do? It will pay the medical expenses of someone who is injured when involved in an automobile accident that you cause. This could also include coverage of court costs in the event you are sued by the injured person, but check the fine print of a policy you are considering before buying.

To protect yourself from the high costs of medical care in the event you are involved in an accident caused by another driver, consider adding uninsured or underinsured coverage to your PIP insurance. Even though most states require drivers to carry liability auto insurance, there are too many people who take the chance of driving without it. Although the accident isn't your fault and neither is it your fault that the other driver has no coverage, and you certainly have the right to bring suit against the other driver: recovering the money to pay your medical expenses and additional fees can be a lengthy and difficult process.

PIP auto insurance doesn't cover the damage to your vehicle in an accident. Repairs to accident damage for your vehicle and the other vehicles involved if you are at fault, are costly. Consider collision coverage auto insurance to protect yourself from having to dive deep into your bank account for costly repairs.

Personal injury protection auto insurance and other auto insurance like collision, medical, and comprehensive coverage vary in price and in what they cover and what they exclude. You need to understand in what instances certain auto insurance covers you and in what instances it won't. For this information you need to speak with a licensed auto insurance agent and also thoroughly read an auto insurance policy.

There is good news for anyone who worries that they cannot afford even the basics of protection as a driver that PIP auto insurance offers them. There are a number of auto insurance providers offering consumers affordable options in auto insurance protection. There are also many options from which you can choose from in order to reduce the cost of your auto insurance. Paying a higher deductible, not buying added insurance for protection already provided for in the auto insurance you already have, and other methods for reducing costs that your agent can discuss with you.

Although PIP auto insurance is the very basics of protection that every driver should have, it is a far better choice than driving without it. Most states require that you have at least this much protection as a driver. You could have your auto plate discontinued and face heavy fines if you are caught driving without PIP insurance in states requiring their drivers to have it. Even good drivers can misjudge the distance between them and oncoming traffic or the expected actions of another driver and become involved in an accident. The best insulation you can give yourself as a driver from the high costs of accidents is the protection of PIP auto insurance.

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