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  • 5 renters insurance tips for college students

    Your insurance needs change once you move off campus.

  • Are your things insured while they are in storage?

    It's important to insure items you put into storage. Here are some steps you can take to make certain your stuff has the proper insurance.

  • Differences between renters insurance and homeowners insurance

    You may be surprised to find that there are many similarities between home insurance and renters insurance. Both types of coverage provide insurance protection for your personal possessions, liability, and additional living expenses when damage prevents you from living at home.

    Personal Possessions

  • Why You may Pay more for High Risk Renters Insurance

    Without renters insurance, you could be at risk for losing everything if a disaster occurs. Renters insurance covers the cost of peoples belongings, unlike homeowners insurance, which covers the cost of the structure itself, as well as all of your belongings. Renters insurance generally isn't very expensive, at less than $100 per year for basic coverage. However, if your home is deemed high risk, you could end up paying a lot more. What does it mean to be high risk?

  • Renters Insurance for College Students Purchased Term by Term

    College students are one of the biggest groups of people that have renters insurance. This is because college students usually do not own their homes and are not usually able to do so. Therefore, they are able to be renters, and this means that they are able to get renters insurance.

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