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By Compuquotes Team on March 27th, 2008
Health Insurance

Things you should know when purchasing self employed health insurance

There are more small businesses and self employed than ever. New tax laws and the availability of the Internet encourage entrepreneurs to consider starting a new venture. For the most part, small business owners or self employed have had health and/or dental insurance provided by their previous employers. Your employer provided health benefits and your premium is often taken out of your paycheck or simply included in the position. After accepting the job you received a member card and a policy in the mail. When you or your family is ill you go to the doctor and pay your copay. One never really thinks about dental or health insurance coverage above and beyond what policy was issued by your previous employer as you had zero choices.

The biggest difference for small business or self employed is the availability to choose your own insurance policy. This means you have the opportunity to Educate yourself on the different insurance companies and types of coverage.

Along with the choice to choose your insurance provider you will need to consider the benefits or drawbacks of buying a personal insurance policy or buying a group/business policy. There are many differences with the two types of polices so one should refer to an agent for the respective insurance company.

Self Employed Health Insurance is an affordable benefit you can purchase for your family or your employers. If you believe your small business will grow quickly you should consider a group plan to offer potential employees. Self-employed or work from home businesses may find a personal policy more beneficial. As mentioned above, one should definitely speak with a professional agent and be sure to explain your situation in great detail so the agent can provide the best possible presentation.

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