Steps To Filing An Auto Insurance Claim

By Compuquotes Team on March 27th, 2008
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Being involved in an accident or collision with your car is one of the least pleasant moments in our lives but as long as you follow some simple steps, filing an insurance claim for the incident can be a piece of cake.

To start off with, when you get your insurance policy, be sure that you read it and know what is covered and what isn't covered for your vehicle. If you have any questions be sure to call your insurance agent and get those questions answered.

When you've been involved in a collision, ensure that everyone is okay and if someone needs medical attention, call 911. Make sure you yourself are checked out by a doctor-sometimes minor injuries can turn into long lasting injuries.

Make sure you get the name, address, phone number, driver's license number, and insurance information from the other drivers involved in the collision. Be sure to give them the same information. You should carry a disposable camera with you to take photos of the vehicles that were involved in the collision. Use some paper and a pen or pencil and immediately, or as soon as possible, write down all you can remember from the collision while it is still fresh.

Get the information, name, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses to your accident.

File a report with the local law enforcement and have them prepare an accident report. You will need the number of the accident report for your insurance company.

As soon as you can, contact your insurance company about the collision, even if you aren't ruled at fault. The insurance company will send out an adjuster to determine who is at fault in the collision and you can have either the insurance company of the other driver or your insurance company takes care of the repairs on your vehicle. This will depend on the type of insurance you have, the insurance the other driver has and who is ruled at fault in the collision.

If you are at fault, your insurance will pay for your car to be replaced or fixed, if you have collision insurance and your liability insurance will pay for the other person's car to be repaired or replaced. If the collision is not your fault, you don't have to pay anything or do anything, the other person's insurance should take care of it. If you are ruled at fault, you will have to pay the collision deductible on your insurance to have your car repaired or replaced.

There are a lot of things that go on when you file an insurance claim, and you may be entitled to more than just your car being repaired, especially if you are not at fault. If you were injured in the collision, you may be entitled to a settlement for the injuries.

Be sure to keep a level head throughout the process. If you think the other insurance company or your own insurance company isn't being fair with your claim, ask for a third party arbitrator to step in and help settle the claims, or allow your insurance company to handle all the information and transactions with the other person's insurance company.

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