Is Term Life Insurance Right For You?

By Compuquotes Team on March 26th, 2008

Term life insurance is protection that lasts for a specified amount of time, which is usually a time such as hen you retire, or when you children are out of the house. The life insurance industry is highly competitive and therefore you are able to find massive amounts of companies each offering several types of policies each.

A term life insurance policy is generally the cheapest type of life insurance which allows you to use your extra money for investment purposes. A term life insurance policy doesn't have the ability to accumulate cash value. You are also forced to pay a higher premium with each renewal, basically as you get older. If you die during the period of the policy then your beneficiary will be paid the agreed amount.

The insurance policy will not offer any returns above the stated benefit and when the policy expires, you get nothing. This is likely the reason why term is so much cheaper than whole life insurance. Many term insurance policies give you the ability to renew at the same rate or for a slightly increased rate each year.

You should go with term life insurance if you are in need of extra coverage for a short period of time for whatever reason, if you are young are searching for lower life insurance premiums, if you are purchasing a home or car and the financial burden of the load will disappear over time.

With a term life insurance policy you much renew it before each term ends. It is wise to get all of the renewal information and provisions and read them for your own protection, as well as your family. Some common choices for renewal options are annual renewable where the premiums go up each year, a level term where the premium will stay the same for a specified amount of time such as 5,10, 15, or 20 years, as well as automatic renewable.

With a term life insurance policy there may also be a re-entry which requires a lower premium that an automatically renewable policy. You are able to renew with the same low rate that is offered to new customers but will be required to pass a physical examination. If they find that you have developed any new health problems then your premium might go up and end up costing more than an automatic renewable policy.

Some people think that they are too young and healthy to need life insurance, therefore they would be wasting their money. In fact the best time to buy life insurance is when you are young when prices are cheap because face it, everyone needs life insurance. Think about it, you will be protecting your family from the worst case scenario at the lowest possible prices that you can get for the rest of your life, take advantage!

When you are in the process of constructing a solid financial base then term life insurance is generally a wise investment considering the super low cost.

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