What Types of Disaster Does My Homeowners Insurance Protect Against?

By Compuquotes Team on July 22nd, 2008
Homeowners Insurance

You may have seen it on the news: houses brought down by fire, storm or explosion. In their cry and anguish, you can imagine the difficulties those people would have been going through, of not knowing what to do without a home to sleep to and protect the children with. As the head of the family, of course you wouldn't want your family to go through the same fate if and when disasters happen. And before the wrath of nature strikes in your area, get yourself prepared with dwelling and personal property insurance.

  • Why should you insure your home?

Your home is a sacred place. It's the small place where you and loved one spend time together, sleep, eat dinner and enjoy each other's company. It's a dwelling place that keeps you together -- happy and secure; thus, you should protect it as you would protect your life. Insuring your home is like insuring your life.

When disasters strike, having insurance gives you a peace of mind, assuring you that you can recover the damages that the disaster has caused. It was like having the means to "cure" your home from the "sickness" that it hits it. Even if it is torn down by an angry hurricane, you could rebuild it without worrying where you would get the money to begin construction.

  • Disasters covered by insurance

There are myriads of insurance policies available that you can choose from. And these insurance policies have different plans and coverage. If you plan to get yourself a home insurance, find a competent insurance broker who would clearly explain to you the coverage and benefits, and the policy plan that would fit your budget perfectly.

Nonetheless, the types of disasters that insurance protect your home against include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. The very basic which is fire caused by accidents or lightning.
2. Windstorm, hail or hurricane. Damage on the house caused by weight of ice, snow or sleet is also covered.
3. Explosion caused by accidents, such as gas range explosion.
4. Civil commotion or riots of which are not instigated by you.
5. Damage caused by vehicles, aircraft or big tractors.
6. Theft, malicious mischief, vandalism and other damage caused by law breakers.
7. Damage caused by accidental overflow of steam or any form of liquid from home heating system, plumbing, air conditioning and other household appliance that release water and steam. If any parts of the house cracks, get burned or tear apart because of the overflow, the insurance will pay for their repair. And when these plumbing, heating systems and other appliance and system that release water freeze during the winter, the insurance company will answer for their repair, too.

The foregoing are just a few of the many disasters that insurance companies will protect you against. The amount of home insurance, as mentioned, vary; it all depends upon the coverage you want included in your policy. Of course, the more coverage you want included, the more money you are about to spend.

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