Where Does the Time Go: Finding Car Keys, Apparently

By Rob Sabo on March 23rd, 2010
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A lost set of car keys is one of life's great frustrations. Losing them at home, where you often have a replacement set, is a hassle, but losing your keys when you are out on the town or running errands may be cause for panic. If you are someone who constantly misplaces your keys, rest assured you are not alone.

Lost Car Keys: A Time-Consuming Venture

A recent study of 2,000 customers by British auto insurer Swinton finds that motorists spend an average of one minute, 15 second searching for their car keys on a daily basis. The time increases with drivers ages 18-25, who spend an average of two minutes, 15 seconds rummaging their homes for keys. The study also found that drivers 50 or older spend less than a minute remembering where they put their car keys. On average, female drivers spent an extra seven minutes per week searching for their keys than male drivers.

Common Hiding Places for Lost Car Keys

Although the Swinton survey turned up some odd hiding places for lost keys--inside the freezer, in the dog's basket--the five most common places keys turned up were:

  • Between sofa cushions
  • Coat pockets
  • In the purse
  • Kitchen drawers
  • In the car

Over the course of a lifetime, Swinton estimates drivers spend roughly 16 days ripping their houses apart looking for lost car keys.

Roadside Assistance Covers Key Replacement

Purchasing car insurance with roadside assistance may be one way to make sure you are never stuck without transportation because of lost keys. Car insurance roadside assistance plans typically cover key replacement--but using the service counts as a claim on your insurance record. Roadside assistance plans such as AAA's are available 24 hours a day, so you'll never get stuck at the park after losing your keys.

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