Who Should Have Health Insurance?

By Compuquotes Team on June 9th, 2009

Health Insurance

In short, everyone should have some form of health insurance. Many businesses provide insurance plans for their employees. Some plans are really good and cover all or most of the costs of medical treatment. Others cost less in monthly rates but don't cover as many medical needs. Then there are employers that don't provide health insurance at all.

When looking for a new career or job it is worth while to check out the benefits that each employment opportunity has to offer. By doing the research a person can avoid selling themselves short and experiencing the nightmare of not being covered by insurance. This should be a major selling point and deciding factor as to the employment situation that is right for you.

Young, single adults tend to neglect their medical insurance needs until an accident or injury puts them in the hospital. It can take years to pay off one major medical bill. If you have a family, insurance is a necessity these days! There are many insurance companies that specialize in health insurance for families with rates that most people can afford.

Yet, despite the rates and plans available the fact still remains that it usually takes a wake up call for young people just starting out to realize how important health insurance is. These 'wake-up calls' unfortunately are not usually pleasant and involve a huge medical bill that can put a person in debt for several years. It is hard to get ahead to financially stabilize yourself when looming bills that are compounding interest (due to failure to pay) are hanging over your head.

Countless people fight endless battles with debt due to an accident or illness that made them suffer tremendous financial strain. Even established citizens, who were without health insurance coverage for a period of time, find themselves regretting it. Families and individuals can lose their homes to pay these debts or even have their wages garnished as a result of nonpayment. The question becomes, 'Is it worth it to take that chance?' You owe it to yourself and your family to secure them in the event that a health crisis emerges in your lives.
A person's credit can also suffer greatly due to the inability to pay these debts. Credit is a major part of any person's life. It is needed to gain trust for renting places to live, buying vehicles, getting credit cards and even opening bank accounts. However, with bad marks that could've been avoided those credit reports can reflect poorly on one's history. Credit makes the world go round; don't sacrifice yours because of lack of interest in finding a health insurance company to suit your needs.

To avoid any great loss or financial strife, people must realize quickly that it is far better to be protected by health insurance. Why suffer needlessly? Look into getting insurance coverage through your employer or find a comfortable plan on your own. Either way, when a serious problem arises you should be able to feel better just knowing that you are going to be okay.

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