Whole Life Insurance & Your Needs

By Compuquotes Team on May 15th, 2008

As people grow older, they begin to consider the legacy they'll leave behind. Will there be enough to pay their final expenses? Will there be enough for a surviving spouse or children (or grandchildren) to keep them going? Whole life insurance policies can solve this problem. Depending on the age at which you purchase your policy, the payments and benefits could be very large or fairly small. It also depends on what your personal finances are like, and what needs you can foresee in the future.

If a policy is purchased by a non-smoker, in good health, thirty or so years old, the rates will be a good bit lower than for someone in their fifties, smoker, in less than perfect health. Insurance policies are issued according to age, health and the statistics involved. The younger and healthier one is when buying life insurance, the lower the price will be. A healthy, single person in his or her twenties will pay lower premiums for good coverage. When the person marries, the coverage may need to be increased, but the price shouldn't go up exorbitantly. After a child or two comes along, the coverage will need to be increased and the premiums will go up, according to the level of coverage needed.

When buying a home, it's wise to procure an extra life insurance policy that will pay off the home in the event that you aren't there to make the payments. Some companies refer to this as "mortgage insurance" and others don't. It is simply an extra policy that covers the price of the home so that the family doesn't wind up losing it and finding themselves in a financial bind after the loss of the main bread-winner of the family.

In most families, the home isn't the only expense to consider. There are vehicles, credit cards and medical bills. It isn't a bad idea to cover all the contingencies with one large policy or two small ones, depending on the age and health and finances of the policy buyer. In a marriage, both the husband and wife should have adequate coverage to insure that their children can remain in their home and afford the education that the parents want for them. A few extra dollars every month can make a world of difference should a tragedy occur.

These are all things that weigh heavily on the needs of a specific policy. Each person is different and there are options ready for you as long as include all factors of your life and health. Whole life insurance is a significant responsibility and it should be considered with the utmost care. By taking the matter seriously from the start you can make an informed decision.
The security that whole life insurance provides a person is unbeatable. Prepared people looking to plan for their family's future look into whole life insurance for a purpose. By laying out all of elements in a person's life, you can make an educated choice as to which whole life insurance plan is right for your needs.

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