Winterize your home to minimize the chance of a Home insurance claim

By Compuquotes Team on March 27th, 2008
Homeowners Insurance

Limit the chance of a home insurance claim by following a few simple tips to winterize your home.

Keep walkways and patios clear of ice. Ice and snow on walkways can be very dangerous. It can be a liability and not only could it equate to a home insurance claim it could also end up producing a health insurance claim if you or your family slips and falls.

Keep your home heated. I would recommend keeping your thermostat set to 70 degrees. Keeping the inside of your home heated limits the chance of a pipe freezing. If you have a room over a non-heated portion of your home such as your garage be sure the room is heated well. Some homes have multiple furnaces for multiple stories so be sure to set each furnace accordingly. Setting your thermostat low only means that your furnace has to work extra hard to get the temperature up. This can lead to a short life and more resources being consumed than setting your thermostat at a decent temperature.

Keep gutters clean. Remove leaves and other debris from your gutters. Ice may build up as well so be sure to break up the ice so that your home can distribute runoff correctly.

Keep pipes warm. Keep your indoor and outdoor pipes warm by exposing heated areas to the pipes. If you have a bathroom without a vent keep the door open. Keep your shower doors open to ensure the pipes receive heat. You may want to keep your faucets at a steady drip to ensure the pipes remain heated.

Keep doors and windows closed and fastened.
Leaving your garage door or front door open for any period of time will bring in the cold air. You may want to add additional weather stripping to keep the warm air in and the cold air out. Visit your local home improvement store for more information on weather proofing doors and windows.

Clean your fireplace and keep flue closed when not in use. A dirty fireplace is a fire hazard and when not in use be sure to keep the flue closed. Consider the flue as a door, if it's open it will let cold air in.

Have your sprinkler system blown out.
Likely not covered by your home insurance policy a sprinkler system pipe that bursts close to your home could cause flooding. Call your local landscaping company and have them blow out your sprinkler system.

Know where main water valve is located. If a pipe does burst you will want to turn off your water supply immediately. The faster your can turn off your main water valve the lesser the amount of damage if a pipe bursts.

If something happens call your home insurance agent immediately. You'll need shelter and water so get into a hotel, friend or families home immediately. Be sure you keep all your receipts and turn them into your home insurance company.

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