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Switching car insurance while having an ongoing claim can be more complex. However, it’s possible with careful consideration of certain factors.

These are the factors to consider – 

  • Communication with the current insurer – Inform your current insurer about the ongoing claim and your intention to switch. Discuss how the claim will be handled during the transition.
  • Claim settlement – If your claim is still pending, switching might lead to delays in payment or claim denial. Consider waiting until the claim is resolved.
  • New insurer’s policy – Discuss the ongoing claim with the latest insurer to understand how they handle such situations. Ensure they’re willing to provide coverage based on your current claim status.
  • Continuity of coverage – Make sure there is no gap in coverage when switching policies. The new policy should be effective before canceling the old one.
  • Termination fees – Check for any early termination fees with your current insurer. Factor these costs into your decision.


Switching car insurance with an ongoing claim is possible. However, it requires careful communication with insurers and an understanding of claim settlement implications. Ensure continuity of coverage and consider the new insurer’s approach to ongoing claims. Evaluate the pros and cons before switching to make an informed decision that best suits your needs.

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