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Switching car insurance with a specialty or modified vehicle is possible, but it requires additional consideration to ensure adequate coverage. They include: 

  • Specialized coverage needs – Specialty or modified vehicles often require unique coverage. When switching, ensure the new policy can adequately cover the specific features and modifications.
  • Insurer experience – Look for insurance companies with expertise in insuring specialty vehicles. They will better understand the unique requirements and offer suitable coverage options.
  • Documentation – Provide detailed documentation of modifications to the new insurer to ensure accurate coverage assessments and avoid disputes in the future.
  • Premium impact – Be prepared for potential changes in premiums when switching. Some modifications affect the cost, so compare quotes from different insurers.
  • Policy transfer – Check if your current insurer allows policy transfer to a new vehicle, especially if you’re replacing the specialty or modified car.


Switching car insurance with a specialty or modified vehicle is feasible but requires careful consideration. Look for experienced insurers, provide detailed documentation, and ensure the new policy meets your unique coverage needs. Compare quotes to find the best coverage and premium for your specialty vehicle. Doing so allows you to switch insurers confidently, knowing your cherished car is adequately protected.

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