SR-22 car insurance itself does not directly affect your insurance rates. However, the underlying reason for needing an SR-22 filing, such as a DUI or multiple violations, can impact your insurance premiums. 

Factors influencing insurance rates with SR-22

Several factors can influence your insurance rates when you have an SR-22 filing:

  • Driving record – The driving violations or offenses that led to the need for SR-22 can result in higher insurance rates. Serious infractions like DUIs tend to have a greater impact on premiums.
  • Insurance history – If you had a lapse in insurance coverage or were previously uninsured, insurance providers may view you as a higher risk, leading to increased rates.
  • State regulations – Insurance rates can also be influenced by state regulations, insurance company policies, and the specific details of your SR-22 requirement.

Shopping for insurance with SR-22

While SR-22 itself does not directly impact rates, it’s important to shop around for insurance providers who specialize in SR-22 filings. Some companies may be more accommodating than others, offering competitive rates despite your SR-22 status. Comparing quotes from multiple insurers can help you find the best options available.

Remember, it’s crucial to maintain continuous insurance coverage and fulfill your SR-22 requirement for the mandated period. Over time, as you maintain a clean driving record and demonstrate responsible behavior, your insurance rates may gradually improve.

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