In hit-and-run accidents, when the at-fault driver flees the scene and cannot be identified, uninsured motorist coverage comes into play. This coverage is designed to financially protect you when you’re involved in an accident caused by an uninsured driver, including hit-and-run incidents.

Hit-and-run coverage eligibility

To utilize uninsured motorist coverage in hit-and-run accidents, certain criteria must typically be met. This can include:

  • Notify the police – You must report the hit-and-run incident to the police promptly. It’s crucial to file a police report and provide them with any available details, such as the time, location, and description of the other vehicle involved.
  • Co-operate with the investigation process – You need to cooperate with your insurance company’s investigation process. This may involve providing any supporting evidence, witness statements, or additional information required to substantiate your claim.
  • Policy terms – Review your insurance policy to understand the specific terms and conditions relating to hit-and-run accidents. Each insurance provider may have different requirements or limitations.

What coverage benefits does uninsured motorist coverage offer for hit-and-run accidents?

Uninsured motorist coverage can offer several benefits in hit-and-run accidents:

  • Property Damage – UM coverage can help cover the costs of repairs or replacement of your vehicle or other property damaged in the hit-and-run incident.
  • Medical expenses – If you or your passengers sustain injuries in the accident, uninsured motorist coverage may help pay for medical treatment, hospital bills, and related expenses.
  • Lost wages –  If your injuries result in missed work or a loss of income, uninsured motorist coverage can provide compensation for the wages you would have earned during your recovery.


The coverage details and requirements may vary depending on your insurance policy and state regulations. It’s essential to check with your insurance provider to understand the precise terms and conditions of your uninsured motorist coverage, including how it applies to hit-and-run accidents. Reporting the incident promptly and providing the necessary information will help facilitate your claim and ensure you receive the appropriate coverage benefits.

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